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My name is Aleksandra Henderson and I live in Vancouver, BC. I am a doula and a Childbirth Educator. I am a mother of five and am passionate about the Miracle of Birth.

My aim is to make birth an EXPERIENCE rather than a process.

I have been invited to provide labour support in over 700 births thus far and I have taught childbirth education classes for over 20 years.

I pride myself on listening to you and your concerns, and developing a teamwork environment between mom, partner and myself.

I believe that a doula’s purpose is not just to help with physical and emotional support for the mother, but also acts as a facilitator for partners who might have concerns about caring for a labouring mother.

Upon meeting with parents to be, I take the mother’s and partner’s vision and help turn it in to a reality. I do this with respect to the balance of nature and medical interventions, and with knowledge and experience of both.


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