Miracle of Birth

Aleksandra 604-562-4708



What you can expect from Aleksandra for pregnancy, labour and birth:
  • Interview 
  • One prenatal visit
  • Frequent telephone consultation
  • Support during your labour and birth
  • One - Two postpartum visit


    $1650.00 + GST


Hours of Operation

Our Location

Monday to Friday

7:30am - 6:30pm

Vancouver BC

The first visit is an interview, at which we establish a connection and understand what your vision of support during labour and birth may be. 

The Prenatal appointment usually occurs between 35-36 weeks of pregnancy in your home. We start discussing your birth and postpartum vision. 

There is phone contact weekly during the last month of pregnancy.

When your birthing time arrives  support for you and your family throughout and up to two hours postpartum to ensure breastfeeding behaviours are present.

After your baby is born, there is one postpartum visit where parenting and breastfeeding concerns are addressed, and position and latch are reviewed.


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