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What you can expect from Aleksandra and Aimee for pregnancy, labour and birth:
Interview (in our home)
Relaxation Classes held once a month
One prenatal visit
One 30 min Massage
Frequent telephone consultation
Support during your labour and birth
One postpartum visit
Wellness Hangout



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What you can expect from Aleksandra for postpartum care:

Help with breastfeeding
Help with basic newborn care

$35.00 per hour

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The first visit is an interview with you and your partner, myself and Doula Partner Aimee,
at which we establish a connection and understand what your needs as a couple will be during labour. Sometimes those needs are not evident during the time we interview, and that is normal as your needs will change as your pregnancy progresses; we can fine-tune your desires and wishes as time goes on.

Once you and your partner have decided to invite us to your birth, a 1 st appointment is made. This appointment usually occurs following your attendance at Childbirth classes. After a couple has received enough information through reading and classes, they can start to prepare a birth plan. A birth plan is your vision of how you and your partner see your labour, birth, and care of your baby. It is a tool used to share that information with your caregivers and support people. During this visit we either go over the birth plan you and your partner have envisioned, or we might start a birth plan, leaving you and your partner to complete your vision.


Relaxation Classes:
1 hour long on Saturday mornings from
10 am - 11 am once a month.

There is a 30 min massage with Aimee during your 35-38 week of pregnancy. ( this appointment is made with Aimee )

There is phone contact weekly during the last month of pregnancy.

And then, the miracle day arrives and we receive an invitation to your birth.
You will ask one of us to come to you, whenever you, your partner and baby are ready. This could mean at the 1st contraction or several hours after labour begins, and we don’t leave until one and half to two hours postpartum..

After your baby is born, there is one postpartum visit where parenting and breastfeeding concerns are addressed, and position and latch are reviewed.

Once a month we offer a Wellness Hangout.

What has research shown about women having a doula present during labour and delivery?
25% Shorter Labours
30% Less Narcotics Use
60% Fewer Epidurals
40% Less Pitocin Use
40% Fewer Instrumental Deliveries
50% Fewer Cesarean Deliveries
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